Flowian accelerates, orchestrates and integrates the processes that power your business.

  • Flowian’s human-process centric approach looks at an organization across all dimensions to assess process specifications and extensibility.
  • Business processes are as dynamic and flexible as the business itself and often technology makes the process rigid.
  • Flowian overcomes this by creating a pragmatic BPM roadmap that encompasses business rules, technology possibilities, organization structure and data characteristics.


Short engagement to drive faster business case and path to process automation ROI.

Appeal to both IT and business stakeholders as process maps highlight rules, complexities and flexibilities.

Clearer assessment of fitment into existing IT landscape including modifications to systems.

BPM Consulting Capabilities

Every organization’s process landscape is different and requires a holistic assessment of people, systems and business ecosystem. To arrive at a BPM strategy and roadmap, Flowian conducts stakeholder workshops to assess current capabilities, desired state and gaps.

Our domain and BPM experts articulate the building blocks that would be required by the organization to identify, define, automate and measure the business workflows.

You receive a comprehensive BPM enablement report comprising of :

  • Reference functional and technical architecture.
  • Critical parameters for workflow platform.
  • Process KPI definition.
  • Workflow Prioritization.
  • Critical processes not covered by existing IT.
  • Functional and technical process ecosystem landscape.

Choosing the most appropriate process platform for your organization requires expert level diligence and depth. If you are thinking of workflows, then Flowian is best placed to recommend the workflow platform that will run your processes. Flowian’s experience in implementing workflow platforms in different industries, integrated with a variety of ERP systems, provides you with an unbiased recommendation.

Flowian’s BPM product evaluation score is based on parameter fit for your business. It has a toolset comprises of the following dimensions :

  • Product Maturity and Credibility.
  • Extensibility and adaptability of the platform architecture.
  • Process, data, UI and integration modeling capabilities.
  • Migration from existing process platform.
  • Affiliation to standards.
  • Reporting and dashboards.

The most attractive proposition for you is that Flowian is fully capable of demonstrating a proof of concept on the chosen workflow platform, making your decision making process faster.

Flowian understands that visualization is the best way to improve the value of any business process. Our tools and approach capture all dimensions of any business process to give you a confidence in the process automation or improvement business case.

Flowian leverages its BPMN expertise coupled with keen domain acumen to capture the business and business logic flavor of your processes.

  • Use of drag and drop visual process modeling tools to rapidly illustrate the nuances of any business process.
  • Map the resources, data elements, external entities and IT systems involved in the processes.
  • Capture varied process probabilities and decision flows based on business logic and process characteristics.
  • Simulate the run of the modeled process under various input and data conditions through all process possibilities and data comb
  • Generate process reports.

Consulting Stories

Process roadmap design and product evaluation for an overseas education consultancy company

Flowian conducted a process charting workshop to understand the current manual process.

Multichannel process integration for a mid sized wellness company

Flowian subject matter experts visited the company’s clinics, field camps and head office to map the customer data journey.