Customer Service

Customer case collaboration for a hard goods distribution company.

The company is a large seller and distributor of white goods including home furniture and kitchen furnishings. The company’s services to consumers and businesses include logistics, installation, repairs and warranty management.

Situation:Addressing a customer issue involved a lengthy and manual process involving logistics providers, repair technicians and manufacturers. During the resolution process the customer has to kept informed while the repair process is scheduled and the costs are apportioned.


  Flowian conducted a process charting workshop to understand the current manual process.

  All paper forms, business rules and sample transaction flows were charted. The client was provided an itirative simulation of the process till all aspects of the process could be ascertained.


  Flowian used Fujitsu RunMyProcess workflow platform to configure clients process.

  Complex business rules related to case resolution and cost responsibility was configured with ease in a matter of 2 weeks.



  The benefits were immediately visibile in terms of faster resolution of customer issues.

  Better and efficient collaboration between all parties involved in the resolution process ensured reduced customer service costs.


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