Data subscription services for an oil & gas services company.

ACME is a highly specialized recruitment services company for the petroleum industry, sourcing candidates who are generally not listed on common job portals. ACME’s clients include some of the largest energy and utilities companies in the world.

Situation: ACME was managing all activities of talent sourcing from candidate search, skill mapping and interview coordination manually.This resulted in administrative overheads, productivity loss and limited visibility into each opportunity-candidate processes.


  Flowian visualized a collaborative process involving the candidates, recruiters and companies.

  The objective was to make the entire talent acquisition lifecycle seamless for all stakeholders, with minimal manual interventions. Flowian was also involved in ACME’s business strategy towards creating an alternative data-as-a-service revenue stream.


Flowian designed the solution with features such as candidate, client and opportunity management; opportunity workflows etc.

  Complex extensions such as resume parser, Linkedin API integration and management reports were added to improve the user experience.


  The integrated recruitment solution highly superlative user experience for both candidates and clients.

  The recruitment process was much faster, thereby highly increasing the number of opportunities that an ACME recruiter can manage at a time.


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