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Planning, Finance and Sales process collaboration for one of the largest footwear brands in the world.

Our client is the world’s second-biggest maker of sporting goods.Western Europe is the primary focus market where the business and IT work very closely to find new avenues to make business processes more collaborative, responsive and visible.

Situation: The company provides credit limits to its distributors which varies with each distributor. Seasonal sales volumes often demand that these credit limits be changed after a stringent sales and finance approval process. This was being handled manually increasing the credit limit approval time.


  Flowian worked very closely with the client IT leadership to provide the most efficient workflow solution.

  The collaborative solution had to cater to multiple roles in sales, finance and the executive leadership, who were users of the solution. User experience had to be designed tailored for the work profile of the roles.


  Flowian chose Fujitsu RunMyProcess cloud workflow platform to devise the credit limit workflow for the client.

  Flowian built business components such as delegation, audit log, configurable SLA’s, escalations and reports.

  Business workflow included threshold based approval.


  The client was able to respond with more agility to the needs of its distributors.

  Business users now have better control and visibility into the distributor credit.

  The organization was able to streamline the credit approval leading to better compliance and audits.


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