Outsourced Product Development

Flowian can bring your software driven business idea to life.

  • Flowian can deliver a high quality shippable product in a matter of weeks at an appealing cost advantage and captivating user experience.
  • Our market facing approach combined with agile development methodology huddles domain, technology and quality into a single unit. The result is a continuous stream of competitive features.
  • Regular sprint demonstrations along with a shared product repository, ensures that the product takes shape the way you had envisioned it.
  • Our client specific practices and environments guarantee IP protection, you remain in control of the product and it's IP.


Flowian Advantages

Product Owners and Product Architects are involved from the start

Ensuring that your requirements are translated to your reality.

Highly experienced developers with a product mindset

Providing you with hands free experience, leaving you to focus on the market.

Incremental and iterative product development process

Gives you a cost and course correction advantage leading to lower risks and better change management.

Involvement in the product vision and roadmap

Makes Flowian your innovation partner, with recommendations on features and integrations.

Product Development Methodology


Alumni Certificate Management

Allows alumni to request for documents. The workflow solution is integrated with the college ERP and enables collaboration across all departments.

Mobile Integrated Accounts Receivable Automation

 Workflow integration of AR invoices. Rule based configuration and issue of mobile payment alerts to reduce days outstanding.