Sales & Marketing

Sales to solution collaboration for a digital marketing services company.


Client provides creative and ROI focused digital marketing services. Client has online marketing solutions that include Search Marketing, Creative Production, Media, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Web Development & Marketing Automation.

Situation: Client has to rapidly deliver to client expectations and in the process orchestrate collaboration between Sales, Presales, Business Managers, Finance and multiple delivery practices. The objective was to review requirements, estimation and contracts with an integration with the project system.


  Flowian created a visual representation of the opportunity assessment, client onboarding and campaign review process.

  The result was a swimlane diagram which illustrated the process flow and activities across all the client departments. This provided a clear visibility into stakeholders, systems, business rules and process SLA’s of the client engagement lifecycle.



  Flowian used Fujitsu RunMyProcess to define Client’s sales collaboration process.

  The solution involved configuration of the business process rules and integration with the client project management system. Flowian used an iterative development model where process designs were discussed on a regular basis allowing rapid course correction.



  Client was able to integrate and create a collaborative automation of their sales and marketing process.

  The workflow solution enabled better visibility and and integrated sales and solution lifecycle leading to faster conversions and better client satisfaction.




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