Shop floor innovation idea kaizen and employee rewards.

 A large Manufacturing Company with involved in high precision fabrications for industries such as automotive.

Situation: Collection, verification and approval of shop floor improvement ideas from a large number of workers was a time consuming activity. Employees were to be rewarded in payroll based on accrued kaizen points.


  Flowian devised a workflow process where employee could submit ideas along with the snaps of existing situation.

  A complex Kaizen pointslogic was designed taking into account all business rules related to the calculation and accrual of points for each worker submitting the idea.


  The Kaizen Quality Management Workflow Solution had worker ideas through an approval process.

  Kaizen points would be credited to each employee submitting the idea The solution was integrated with payroll through which equivalent and accruals were credited corresponding to Kaizen points accumulated.


  Increased worker satisfaction and productivity improvements as a result of faster recognition of process improvement ideas.

  Lower administration costs as no manual intervention was required in calculation of Kaizen points and conversion to payroll incentive amount.


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